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Are you looking for a custom clothing manufacturer? Prototype offers custom apparel manufacturing to fashion industry clients both small & large. Our team has extensive experience manufacturing a wide range of clothing and other soft goods. Best of all, we specialize in working with both small business buyers and small business suppliers. So we get you what you need, at the quantity you need it.

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Fashion Manufacturing & Services

A) Custom Clothing Manufacturing

If you are a fashion designer, developer or marketer and have your products designed and ready to manufacture, talk to us. We’re custom clothing manufacturers and we’re ready to give you quick and accurate quotes on your project. Just fill out our form, send us your tech packs and we’re good to go! 🚀

B) Fashion Product Development

Don’t have your tech packs and/or samples ready yet? In that case, you’re not quite ready for manufacturing. You’ve got a few details left to work out. That’s ok. We’ve got you! That’s what our Black Label product development services are for. The further along you are, the cheaper it is to develop. So, just get as far as you can and let us do the rest!

C) Sourcing and Procurement

For retailers, enterprise customers and fashion labels, they may need ready products, materials or other resources custom sourced for their needs. We have an extensive network in Indonesia and are able to source pretty much anything that is, or can be, made in this country. Just fill out our contact form and let us know what you need. Our team will be all over it.

D) Private Label & White Label Products

If you’re a marketer, influencer or a retailer looking for more of a “done-for-you” solution, you’re in luck. We offer a wide range of ready designs that can be customized and labeled for you. You give it your own unique final touch and that’s all you have to do. Your customers will love the high quality and the origin story that comes from working with Prototype. Visit our shop to view our white and private label goods.

More About Apparel Manufacturing

When manufacturing clothing,
traditionally you were concerned about just 2 things:
1) Quality
2) Cost

Now, we have a 3rd piece just as important:

Origin is Critical to Today's Consumers​

For decades, Western consumers have prioritized price above all other considerations when shopping. Fast fashion evolved custom clothing manufacturers to meet this intense demand for cheap, throwaway goods. Now, however, many consumers are reevaluating their shopping choices for the sake of the environment and for other moral & ethical reasons. 

At Prototype, we pay close attention to these changing trends and we offer a clear alternative to these unsustainable manufacturing methods.

Nation of Origin is Important...

Let’s be honest here. Why do so many companies manufacture in China? Is it because we align with Chinese government values? Is it because of their stellar environmental record? Or is it because it’s just plain cheap?


Yeah, we all know. It’s cheap. That’s pretty much 99% of the reason why 99% of the world is manufacturing is China. Even when Americans rage against Chinese politics and trade policy, we smooth our rattled nerves with a bunch of cheap gear from Walmart. Even when we celebrate Independence Day, we buy Chinese made flags, chairs, coolers, beer coozies… You name it, it’s from China.


But do consumers have a choice? Have the brands and suppliers given the consumers a choice? Sadly, in most cases, no. Do consumers want a choice? Hell yeah!


...And Consumers are Demanding Goods NOT Made in China.

The people have spoken and what they’re asking for are alternatives to China production. 


Politics are a powerful motivator in today’s world and many consumers are seeking to buy apparel products that are not made in China. Regardless of whether it’s a political motivation or not, it’s simply good practice, for our earth and its people, to spread the wealth and the work as evenly as possible. 


There are custom clothing manufacturers located all over the world. There’s no reason why we should be so focused on China.

But There's More to the Origin Story

Origin is not just the nation of origin. 


It’s the Origin Story, the birth history of an item. It speaks to the supplier, the workers, the conditions of the factory. It’s the birth story of the product that you’re selling. Increasingly origin also includes issues like ethical production, sustainable sources for fabrics, fair trade and other similar considerations. 


Custom clothing manufacturers should be paying close attention to this changing market.


"At Prototype, we currently focus in Indonesia, but we are opening up manufacturing channels around the world. Our aim is to expand opportunities to small businesses in developing nations everywhere. "

Richard Gregory // Founder

Ethical Custom Clothing Manufacturers

These days there are a lot of fashion labels who care deeply about ethics and sustainability in their supply chain. All the attention has created a demand, and a financial incentive, for suppliers to provide higher levels of concern for the safety and health of their staff, as well as more environmentally-friendly options for the manufacturing process and supplies.


Unfortunately, however, where there’s a financial incentive, there’s also a motivation to bend the rules, leading to a “greenwashing” effect where suppliers can easily just employ these labels to lead consumers to belief that they’re contributing to something great when in fact it’s just more of the same old.


At Prototype, we think about this question a lot. How can we, as a custom clothing manufacturer, support TRULY ethical production, while also avoiding the bullshit the industry uses to cover its tracks? Read more about our answer to this in our article about Certified Ethical Manufacturing.

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