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With Prototype, Anyone Can Start a Swimwear Label

Whether you’re an experienced fashion designer, an online marketer or an entrepreneur, Prototype can help you be successful launching your own swimwear label. We meet you where you’re at and help move your project forward with a variety of different options for designing, sourcing & manufacturing swimwear products. Most swimwear manufacturers are focused on large quantity orders. Not us! We specialize in working with small businesses and startups. 

If you’re new to the swimwear industry, you’ll want to read on. This article contains some great information that will help you, regardless of exactly what type of swimsuit you’re looking to sell.

If you’re a seasoned pro and you’re ready to move forward, you may want to skip this part and contact us straight away.

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2 Path To Success

White Label Swimwear >> Best Solution for Online Marketers & Influencers

White Label Swimwear is a perfect solution for many online marketers who are looking for unique, high quality goods for easy sale online. White label saves you the trouble of designing the goods themselves and you’re only responsible for the branding and the marketing. The advantage of working with Prototype vs. other white label swimwear manufacturers is simple: While our competitors offer mass-produced items from China, Prototype offers great quality products handmade in Bali. 

White Label offers a quick and easy way to start selling unique products ASAP.

Black Label Swimwear >> Best Solution for Fashion Designers & Startups

Black Label Custom Service is the only solution for fully custom swimwear, designed either by you or by us. This path may be a much bigger investment of course, but at the end of the process, you’ll have a product that nobody else has. You’ll own it and all the associated rights to it. Many of our clients choose to Black Label a few choice pieces, then choose White Label for the rest of the line, making for a nice mix of signature and basic pieces.

If you’re here for manufacturing only, please note that custom swimwear manufacturing orders are considered as Black Label. If you’ve already completed all the development steps, that’s great! Simply submit your completed design specs for a detail manufacturing quote. If any additional product development are required, we’ll let you know and quote you a price to complete them.

Black Label Service is for the pros who need fully custom swimwear design services.
Your label. Our products.
Easiest & fastest
Choose from trending designs and great classic pieces
We attach the label of your choice
Choose from woven labels, screen printed, anything you want!
View White Label
A great way to get started selling!
Custom Development and Manufacturing
Fully custom product development
Starting from wherever you are in your process
No limitations. Let your creativity run free!
Best and only way to get truly unique products
Higher upfront investment
Learn More
When only the best will do!

Are you already set to get started manufacturing your own swimsuit designs?

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If you know what you need and you want to get right to it, we're ready when you are. If you'd like to learn more about swimwear manufacturing services, please read on.

Why you should choose prototype as your custom swimwear manufacturers

Over the last few years, Bali has become a hotspot for swimsuit manufacturers.  Bikini enthusiasts arrive by the thousands every day and online influencers have put Bali on the map in a big way. Hundreds of new fashion labels put down roots in Bali every year. Many of them are startup swimwear labels. 

For labels seeking small MOQ swimwear manufacturers, that’s great news! That means that there is a wide variety of fabrics, components and manufacturers available in one place. In the past, Bali has had a reputation of being a great place to start a label, but not a great place for growing labels. That’s partly deserved, due to the small size of the island and a limited workforce. However, Prototype is changing that dynamic with advanced software, tools and training that allows our supply chain to offer the same high quality production at a large and small scale that would typically force clients to seek production in China. 

Bali is a great place to manufacture, but really, Indonesia is the real star here. There are lots of compelling reasons to manufacture clothing in Indonesia.  At Prototype, we love Indonesia and we are proud to say that 100% of our manufacturing is based there

A bikini for Salty Sea Shop. Swimwear manufactured by Prototype.

Gorgeous original bikini for Salty Sea, New Zealand. IG:

low moq swimwear manufacturing

The trick with small MOQ swimwear production is to get the quality where you want it. As opposed to couture fashion, low MOQ usually makes access to high quality more difficult. The reason for this is because most of the producers who are willing to work with low MOQ are very small companies. They have limited access to machines and equipment. They also generally don’t have any administrative staff that are dedicated to quality control, client communication and project management. All that administrative staff is expensive! But that’s also the very services you need most to ensure that your swim products are living up to the standard you’d like them to. 

Startup swimwear labels are quality sensitive. They need top quality from the beginning to be sure that their customers’ first impressions of them are positive. Here at Prototype, we have a large team of professionals working with our clients everyday to help ensure a successful manufacturing process. When you choose Prototype as your swimwear manufacturers, you can rest assured that the quality will be under control.

Matching swimwear for The Firefly Collection. Manufactured by Prototype.

Adorable Mom & Me matching set for The Firefly Collection. IG: @the_firefly_collection

swimwear fabrics and materials

If you’re a swimwear designer, it can sometimes be difficult to source fabrics and materials in your home country. The manufacturer needs to be able to work with the same or similar materials. Many designers don’t realize about the wide difference between what is available where they are doing the designing and what is available where the items will be manufactured. This means that the materials will either need to be sourced where the production is, or the materials will need to be supplied to the swimwear manufacturer. When sourcing fabrics and components, it’s vitally important that the designers and developers carefully consider the location where the swimwear will be manufactured.

There are a wide variety of fabrics available with various compositions. But they mostly fall into 2 general categories: Nylons & Polyesters. For more information about the differences, take a look at our article about swimwear fabrics.

colors and prints in the swimwear manufacturing process

With all types of swimwear fabrics, there are a wide variety of pre-dyed colors. The trends change quickly, so the availability of the colors changes quickly too. You’ll need to be sure during your design process that you account for these changes and either pre-purchase a large enough quantity of your chosen fabric or be flexible in your color selection when the time comes to manufacture. Also, you’ll need to keep this same thing in mind when you intend to reorder out of stock items. There’s a very good chance that your colors could be out of stock and not available again. Custom color dyes are not, unfortunately, a viable option for swimsuit materials. They just don’t take the dyes well and they fade relatively easily.

Fortunately, digital printing is an easy and relatively affordable option for swimwear fabrics. For digital printing you have 2 options: sublimation and direct-to-garment (DTG). DTG works with nylon, but the MOQ is very high and most swimwear startups can’t afford it. Sublimation printing, however, can be achieved at a very low MOQ. The quality is good and the color is permanent. The only catch is that it must be printed on polyester. We recommend at least 60% polyester in the fabric blend for permanent, effective color. The more poly, the better. Any swimwear manufactures that tell you they can sublimate on nylon…. RUN! They have no idea what they’re talking about.

Sublimated prints on swimwear, using a polyester-based fabric, are some of the best performing digital prints in the fashion industry. Polyester is well known as a long-lasting, durable fabric and using the sublimation print technique makes for a combination that will withstand the blazing sun, harsh chemicals in the water and years of wear and tear. 

colors and prints in the swimwear manufacturing process

Sustainability is a BIG deal in swimwear. It’s also an incredibly complicated subject when you really get into it. There are lots of perspectives to consider when we talk about sustainablility. Here’s the bottom line for us, however: 

Remember the “3 R’s” of sustainability?

Don't forget the 3 Rs in Sustainable Swimwear

Notice which one comes first? Yep, it’s REDUCE.  So, how do you take action to reduce in the swim fashion industry? One simple answer: QUALITY. 

That’s why is so important to work with a swimwear manufacturer like Prototype. We honor our commitments to taking care of the earth by only manufacturing high quality swimwear that will withstand the test of time. Our custom and wholesale swimwear is built to last years of use. 

But “reduce” is only the first step in making sustainable swimwear. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can support YOUR brand in fulfilling all 3 R’s!

Cute original designs from Kay Dauria Swimwear.

Super cute original designs from the one and only Kay Dauria Swimwear. IG: @kaydauriaswimwear

colors and prints in the swimwear manufacturing process

Prototype is the only full-service swimwear manufacturer that specializes in “concept to completion”. We offer 100% custom swimwear design services, including bikinis, one-piece, surf suits, rash guards, board shorts, neoprene swimwear, plus-size swimwear, children’s swimwear, and more. 

We’re also the only Bali swimwear manufacturer with extensive experience in lingerie production. Why is this important? Because in today’s marketplace, many consumers are looking for swimwear that supports and accents a wide variety of body types. For many women, a skimpy bikini just isn’t going to work. For those women, you may need swimwear with underwires, boning and other support elements. Other women may be looking for swimsuits that enhance the bust, butt or other areas of the body. For those types of complex swimwear designs, you’ll find Prototype to be your best manufacturing resource. No matter what it is or how complex it may be, we’ll be happy to take on your challenge and see what we can do for you! 

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colors and prints in the swimwear manufacturing process

Finally, here’s some practical advice for a startup fashion label from a swimwear manufacturer’s perspective:

" Be practical in your process. Be realistic about your goals for your label and your financial constraints. If you go in to the business thinking, "NO compromises!", then you may be in for a difficult experience. "

When you’re just starting out, there will be some setbacks, detours and compromises. Everyone goes through them. Don’t let compromises become a sore spot. Plan them from the beginning. Be in control of your compromises. If something isn’t working, work together with your manufacture to find another solution. Manufacturers want to do the best they can for you, but you also have an obligation to help find a satisfactory outcome for both parties. Always keep in mind that once you’ve found a swim suit manufacturer you like, try to develop a trusting relationship with them. Realize that you’re both on the same team. A successful outcome will be best for both of you!

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